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Video Friday: Replacing Board Members

Replacing Board Members - Elephant In The RoomAs I reported in Replacing Board Members: The Elephant in the RoomSVDX and Stanford University’s Rock Center put on another great event last week that just about packed the house! These events are always top notch. A few nibbles and coffee or tea for breakfast, excellent company and a great program — what more could you want on third Thursdays.

If the video does not come up after several seconds, try reloading the page.

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Video Friday: Ira Millstein on Corporate Governance

Ira Millstein

Ira Millstein

The Open Mind: Corporate Governance a decade later

Although taped on 4/20/2006, this interview with Ira Millstein, Senior Partner, Weil, Gotshal & Manges, was not posted to YouTube until this month. Millstein discusses corporations, corruption, and regulation.  Listen and learn about changes that have been made and some of what remains to be done. In the history of corporate governance, Ira Millstein has occupied a prominent position for several decades.  Continue Reading →

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Nominate a Rising Star of Corporate Governance

millstein Rising Stars 2013

Ira Millstein and the 2013 Rising Star of Corporate Governance Award winners. Heath Tarbert, Mike McCoy, Craig Ferrere, Muhammad Asif Paryani, Tahmina Nurova, Ira Millstein, and Steven Haas

Each year, the Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership at Columbia Law School presents the annual Rising Star of Corporate Governance Awards.

The award recognizes people who, while young and possibly new to the field of corporate governance, are making their marks as outstanding analysts, experts, activists, or managers. Recipients may represent any of the many bodies that comprise the world of corporate governance: corporations, academic bodies, institutional investors, auditors, advisory firms, rating agencies, proxy services, professional associations, and others. Continue Reading →

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Recent Research in Corporate Governance: Part 1

Recent Corporate Governance Research Part 1 2015Now that proxy season is finally winding down, I had a few minutes to take a quick glance at recent research reported on SSRN. Below I am simply including a few citations and abstracts of studies that might be useful for shareholder advocates in the U.S. I’m sure I included some that are strictly academic and missed many more that would be useful. I would welcome  guest posts on such research from authors, critics or other interested parties. Please contact me via e-mail or by leaving comments below. Continue Reading →

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Video Friday: Richard Leblanc on Proxy Access & CIRI 2015

Dr. Richard LeBlanc

Dr. Richard LeBlanc

Watch Dr. Richard Leblanc talk about Proxy Access for boards and how it could be a corporate governance game-changer.

CCGC has endorsed proxy access. Dr. Richard LeBlanc discusses democracy in corporate governance. Proxy access is the corporate governance game changer. Business organizations have pushed back but some companies have voluntarily adopted it. “This is the right thing to do as far as corporate governance.” Continue Reading →

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Governance, Disclosure and Share Price


Correlation from XKCD.com

Good corporate governance means quicker, more frequent disclosures to the stock market. Or does it? The evidence varies by country, and in our research we wanted to check the relationship.

We used cross-country data from 23 OECD countries, firms with financial years ending between 1 January 2003 and 31 December 2008. We looked at company announcement information from more than 2,000 different firms, and share prices relating to 5,800 different firms. Continue Reading →

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Beyond the Bottom Line With PRI

PRII used to believe that democratic power was exercised like the creation of an impressionist masterpiece — each individual offering an artistically placed paint stroke that blends into the whole as you step back. As I have matured, I now see that those who are able to influence others around them are most effective in shaping the spirit of the painting. Power isn’t wielded by isolated individuals but by networks of individuals who are bonded by trust and influence. Continue Reading →

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@ SURS: Corporate Governance and Compliance Officer

SURSThe State Universities Retirement System of Illinois (SURS) is one of five state-funded retirement plans, serving 65 employers (public universities and colleges) and more than 227,000 members – both annuitants and active members. SURS provides retirement, survivor, disability and death benefits to its members and their families. Currently SURS employs 130 individuals at its Champaign and Naperville offices. Continue Reading →

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Shareholder Activism Redux: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Shareholder ActivismIt’s impossible to read a newspaper, magazine or blog, or watch the news without hearing about shareholder activism.  It’s an industry unto itself with activist funds, attorneys who represent activists, activist defense lawyers, activist-focused investment bankers, activist conferences, activist newsletters, activist databases, and, of course, there are Messrs. Bebchuk and Lipton.

As a former institutional investor turned corporate governance author/advisor, I regularly get calls from media, and am cornered after speaking engagements to talk about activists.  It’s arguable that no topic in recent memory has been discussed by so many in the presence of so few facts.  It’s eerily reminiscent of when cloud computing first overtook the technology vernacular.  You know, when 8 out of 10 people who were earnestly discussing moving to the cloud, cloud infrastructure and so forth, had no idea what the “cloud” actually was. Continue Reading →

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Video Friday: Triple Feature on Shareholder Engagement

the engagement pyramidEngagement is, or should be, the common theme of our three videos. CalPERS argues it gives them a seat at the table. Professor Damodaran extols the importance of engagement as a possibility. As a shareholder, what avenues are open? In Davos, I think they looked through the wrong lens. Instead of engagement, they focused on an assumed end-goal that rules out other human values. Continue Reading →

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