How to Be a Good Lead Director: Be the Chairman

In July 2009, the SEC proposed new proxy disclosure rules that will require public companies with a combined CEO/Chairman to disclose why the company believes such a leadership structure is appropriate and what specific role the Lead Director plays in the leadership of the company. via How to Be a Good Lead Director –

Unreported in the article is the fact that the new rules have an effective date of February 28, 2010. A January 6th Georgeson Report provided much better and more specific advice: “If the same person holds both positions, companies should disclose whether they have a lead independent director and what role that person plays. In this regard, companies would be well advised to review the details that RMG considers when evaluating whether or not to support a shareholder proposal calling for an independent chairman.” They also discuss what is required in the way of disclosing consideration of diversity in the nomination process.

I think the concept of “lead director” is on the way out. Are the new SEC rules an indication of the U.S. heading toward “comply or explain”?

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