Voter Funded Investor Education Proposal

Mark Latham represents individual investors on the SEC Investor Advisory Committee (SECIAC). He reports in his VoterMedia Finance Blog on a creative Voter-Funded Investor Education Proposal. It was considered by the Investor Education subcommittee. Unfortunately, he was informed the SEC is not empowered to distribute funds to other organizations.

Hopefully, he will be able to attract the attention of FINRA, the Department of Treasury, Congress, or some other entity for funding.

Our concept for voter funded investor education is oriented toward worldwide web based education programs aimed at a broad (national or global) audience. All individual investors could vote on a web based ballot to determine the shares of funding for perhaps 15 or 20 competing education programs. The voting and funding can be conducted continuously through time, thus giving the competitors a continuous incentive to serve investors’ education needs.

The ballot web page would link to each participating education program’s website. This could be a component of a new portal at OIEA’s website, where investors could find links to a wide range of education programs.

Read more about Latham’s Voter Funded Investor Education Proposal. See a beta-test ballot. Let us know what you think of the idea and consider voting for Corporate Governance during the beta-test.

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