Footnoted is now a part of Morningstar

For years I’ve been fascinated and sometimes shocked by the revelations of Michelle Leder on * Yesterday, I held my breath when starting to read Morningstar acquires footnoted!

While she wasn’t able to negotiate for keys to a corporate jet, or any of the other “perks” she frequently discusses in her posts, I as delighted to see the arrangement will allow her to continue her work but will enable her to reach a larger audience. That’s great.

Today, she reviews Eli Lilly and Company. “What’s interesting here is that the company touts its progress on “the little stuff” while glossing over the fact that the big dollars continue to flow to the top executives, even though it admits that shareholder return has suffered.” (Looking past “the little stuff” at Eli Lilly…, 2/10/2010)

Also check out FootnotedPro.


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