ICGN – June in Toronto

The world’s foremost leaders in corporate governance will gather in Toronto from 7 – 9 June 2010 at the International Corporate Governance Network’s annual global summit to focus on the evolution within the global capital markets and its impacts on corporate governance. Full details of the program and side meetings can be found at www.icgn.org/conferences. According to David Beatty, Founding Managing Partner, The Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (Canada) and co-chair of the ICGN conference:

This year’s summit will bring together the world’s top thought leaders on corporate governance issues to look at new trends we’re seeing in the global capital markets – including the emergence of the BRIC countries –  and its impacts on fostering good corporate governance from a global perspective. We are looking beyond the traditional corporate governance lens of a public company and focusing on the evolution of capital markets and the questions it raises for corporate governance. As we have seen from the recent global financial crisis, which sparked volatility across the industry, restoring equilibrium in capital markets and good corporate governance are integral to stability and growth in the financial markets.

“In an environment where policymakers and market participants alike are focused on reform, it’s time for ‘market-led’ change in corporate governance. Regulatory evolution alone is not enough to ensure global capital market stability. Thoughtful discussion on this topic is urgently needed with all parties at the table – including rising powers from China and India as well as influential players such as Sovereign Wealth Funds or hedge funds,” says Christianna Wood, Chairman of the board, ICGN.

The ICGN Annual Conference is being hosted by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, two of Canada’s largest institutional investors and proponents of good corporate governance.

Over 60 speakers from 30 leading markets will tackle a range of subjects ranging from the evolution of capital markets and threats to good corporate governance, a new model for shareholder stewardship and rising influence of hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds, the efficiency of regulatory solutions to market-led problems, challenges to proxy voting across borders, executive compensation, increasing gender balance on boards, to the influence of BRIC economies and its impact on Western style governance.

Speakers include leading figures from policy, business, investment and stakeholder groups. The Conference is being opened by Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance for Canada, which precedes a joint session with the World Economic Forum with a focus on the new global economic balance. Key sponsors are the Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Dexia Investor Services and TMX Group.

The conference coincides with the ICGN’s 2010 Annual General Meeting which will map the ICGN’s work programme going forward, policy initiatives and priorities, and will elect board members for the coming year.  ICGN is a not for profit membership organization promoting the cross border exchange of information and experience, advocacy for reform and development of best practices in corporate governance. It has over 470 members based in more than 45 countries worldwide, who include investors responsible for $9.5 trillion in global assets.

James McRitchie, the publisher of CorpGov.net will be there. How about you, eh?

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