ProxyDemocracy Update shares our vision of empowered investors and of corporations that stay accountable to their owners.  They’ve got a new look to the site and sent out a note updating readers on the following:

Get the latest information: ProxyDemocracy has changed its appearance — and is offering more information than ever. Visit our dynamic new Web site and check out the storyboard that explains our educational services. In addition, see how “ProxyDemocracy News’’ catches you up with reports and analysis about votes, campaigns, meetings and policy. And explore “Around the Web,” a daily update of shareholder news from a variety of sources.

Influence critical decisions:  As we head into the peak 2010 corporate meeting season, we’d like to keep you informed. Soon ProxyDemocracy will be launching a newsletter describing our activities, previewing our reports and inviting your feedback. While we have your e-mail address, under federal rules you need to opt in to continue receiving updates from us. Just enter your e-mail address and name in the “Join Our Mailing List’’’ box on our Web site. We promise not to abuse the privilege.

Change corporate behavior: Writing last month in Slate, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer said that, just as technology has changed politics, new-media forums led by ProxyDemocracy are transforming corporate democracy.  You are on the verge of something big.

Build ProxyDemocracy: ProxyDemocracy is a one-of-a-kind resource. Ours is the only organization to show individual shareholders how big institutions plan to vote at corporate meetings — and to keep score of the proxy votes made by the mutual funds in your 401(k) accounts. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your help. To cast your vote for ProxyDemocracy, make a tax-deductible contribution. Please click the new “Donate” box on our Web site so we can continue this exciting work.

I hope readers will check out their new site, give them some feedback and make a donation to keep their effort growing.

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