Top Resolutions for 2010

Pensions and Investments reports on the top shareowner resolutions in 2010 (Right to call meetings leads proxy-season proposals, P&I Daily, 2/18/10)

  1. A proposal seeking a right of shareholders to call a special meeting was the leading shareholder proposal filed for the 2010 proxy season as of Feb. 1, with votes pending at 51 companies, according to tracking by RiskMetrics Group.
  2. A proposal on say on pay, or an annual shareholder advisory vote on executive compensation, is the next most frequently filed shareholder proposal, pending at 50 companies
  3. A call for reporting on corporate political spending, at 48 companies
  4. taking action on climate change, at 36 companies
  5. independent board chairman, at 34 companies
  6. reporting on environmental and other sustainability issues, at 28 companies
  7. ending a supermajority vote requirement for shareholder action, at 19 companies
  8. setting a retention period for stock awards, at 13 companies
  9. requiring annual election of directors, at 12 companies
  10. annual election of directors and promoting board diversity, each at nine companies;
  11. excluding the CEO on compensation committees, at eight companies;
  12. anti-gross-ups policy — opposing corporate reimbursements to executives to cover their tax liability on perquisites and other benefits — at six companies.
  13. CEO succession planning is pending at five companies
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