Murray Hill Inc. for Congress

“Until now, corporate interests had to rely on campaign contributions and influence-peddling to achieve their goals in Washington,” Murray Hill Inc. a  public relations firm, said in a statement. “But thanks to an enlightened Supreme Court, now we can eliminate the middle-man and run for office ourselves.”

William Klein, a “hired gun” who has been enlisted as Murray Hill’s campaign manager, said the firm appears to be the first “corporate person” to run for office and is promising a spirited campaign that “puts people second, or even third.”

The firm is seeking to enter the Republican primary for the 8th District seat held by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, since “we feel the Republican Party is more receptive to our basic message that corporations are people, too.” (Campaign stunt launches a corporate ‘candidate’ for Congress, The Washington Post, 3/13/10)

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