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The current edition features a cover article, The Great Divide: Separating the Chairman and CEO Roles. Thought leaders tackle the issues involved in splitting the two top leadership positions of the corporation. On one side of the debate: “The development is inexorable,” says Ira Millstein. “Beware the simplicity of saying two heads are better than one,” says James Robinson. Sure, the consensus of this group is that such a split should not required by law. Maybe they’re right, but the arguments in favor of splitting the roles in most cases were far more compelling than those opposed. What do you think?

New disclosure requirements are going to make many boards rethink the issue, especially when they have someone in the combined role stepping down. In another article, Henry D. Wolfe offers more timely advice in What you want in a nonexecutive chair, while Diane Lerner and Ira T. Kay offer up Revisiting the pay of the nonexecutive chair.

Several other excellent articles round out the issue, including an interview of Dennis Kozlowski by John Gillespie and David Zweig, authors of Money for Nothing. Their interview is entitled If he had it to do all over. Sure, in hindsight, Kozlowski wishes he had done some things differently; maybe he should have been a little less ambitious.

However, what is presented is mostly the self-portrait of a victim… a victim of a system well documented by Gillespie and Zweig which cedes too much authority to CEOs. If Tyco had a stronger board, he wouldn’t be working in a prison laundry. Staying out of jail, another good reason to strengthen boards by splitting board and chair positions.

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