"Own the Fed" Rally

Unlike the growing popular movements of angry Americans who want to end the Fed or have it controlled by Washington politicians and bureaucrats, the “Coalition for Capital Homesteading” wants every citizen to “Own the Fed.” This new Coalition held its first rally at the Fed in 2005 to mobilize, transform and democratize the Fed and its money-creating powers, in order to bring about a more productive, participative and just free market economy.
• Thursday, April 15, 2010, we’ll gather at noon for the Sixth Annual “Own the Fed” rally at the Federal Reserve (Washington, DC). Our keynote speaker will be State Rep. Anastasia Pittman of Oklahoma City who is spearheading community Capital Homesteading economies through local Citizens Land Cooperatives for financing land and infrastructure development in Oklahoma. Speakers from around the U.S. and other nations will call for the new policy goal of “Every Citizen an Owner” through capital homesteading. We’ll tell our citizens and leadership “Why We Need a Capital Homestead Act.” (For more information on the 2010 “Own the Fed” Rally, the Capital Homestead Act, and the Coalition for Capital Homesteading, visit ownthefed.org.)

•  Friday, April 16, they’ll hold the Second Social Justice Collaborative on “Planning Community, National and Global Initiatives,” which will convene organizations, community leaders and activists to chart the road map to the goal of “Every Citizen an Owner” through the Capital Homestead Act of 2012. Community, national and global demonstrations of capital homesteading will be presented, as part of a step-by-step strategy timed for the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Homestead Act of 1862. (Click the link here for more information on the Second Social Justice Collaborative.)

•  Saturday, April 17, CESJ will hold its annual meeting and celebrate our 26th Anniversary with a Syrian-Lebanese feast prepared by Chef Chris O’Connor. (The luncheon is $25 per person.)  Join as we embark on our journey to “Every Citizen an Owner: On the Road to the Capital Homestead Act.” (Click the link here for more information on the CESJ Annual Meeting and 26th Anniversary Luncheon.)

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