Support Micropayments with Kachingle!

For nearly fifteen years has survived on ad revenue, occasional consulting and investments. Ad revenue is down even as visits increase. Continued funding is important. After looking at the options for funding, we chose Kachingle, an innovative social micropayment service that enables readers to easily make ongoing, voluntary micropayments to sites like ours.

Kachingle is simple, user-centric, and a user-controlled alternative to cumbersome subscriptions, paywalls, and pay-per-article plans that some media outlets are considering. It requires very little effort on your part. Simply sign up to become a Kachingler, giving $5 a month through PayPal, and then click once on the Kachingle medallion on our site.  No credit cards, no passwords, no separate accounts needed.  For every site you visit, where you’ve clicked on the Kachingle medallion, Kachingle will keep track of each visit. At the end of each month, your monthly $5 paid to Kachingle will be distributed proportionally among those sites.

We hope readers will become Kachinglers, helping to support online journalism’s future, including the time and sometimes resource intensive reporting that produces.  After you become a Kachingler, you’ll also be able to share the sites you support with colleagues, friends, and family, and turn them on to the sites you visit.  Sign up for Kachingler by “mousing” over the Kachingle Medallion in the right column on this page and clicking on “Join Kachingle.”


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