How I Voted: Home Depot, Interface & Talbots

Home Depot: Since I’m only getting around to voting the day before the meeting I knew I couldn’t vote at but I went there anyway because it is very easy to pull up the proxy there. I also went to CalPERS but they had no voting advice on HD. I then went to, which had collected the votes of five institutional investors.  Most voted for the directors and most of the shareowner resolutions, except the resolution from John Chevedden to reincorporate in North Dakota. Only AFSCME voted for that one. I went with their recommendations. I like the North Dakota resolution and have submitted it to several companies. I’d love to see a race to the top, instead of the current race to the bottom by states that pander to management, rather than shareowners. The North Dakota incorporation code facilitates proxy access, favors director term limits, restricts poison pills, requires separating the role of chairman and chief executive officer, permits votes on compensation, requires majority voting when electing directors, etc. Frankly I can’t understand why CBIS, Calvert and MMA Praxis voted against it. Likewise, the proposal to allow cumulative voting from Evelyn Davis got support from AFSCME, Calvert and MMA, but CBIS voted against it and Trillium and Domni abstained. AFSCME appeared to make the right choices down the line.

Interface, Inc.: Likewise, I’m voting late at Interface as well. I went through the same drill. Not surprisingly, CalPERS had nothing (so far, they are announcing in advance on only 300 companies). There weren’t any shareowner proposals. I’m fairly comfortable with the company. It has been hit hard by the building downturn. Domini and Trillium withheld votes from some directors. Along with Florida SBA, they also voted against amending the omnibus stock plan. I voted with Florida SBA. I wish we were able to drill down to see why funds are voting against various directors. If I could see their reasons, I might be more inclined to follow their lead… perhaps in the future.

Talbots: Third company of mine that is meeting tomorrow. I didn’t even bother checking CalPERS or looking up the proxy. There aren’t any shareowner resolutions. CBIS voted against the auditors but, of course, I don’t know why. The company appears to be turning around during the past year. So, I went with management and Florida SBA.

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