SEC's IAC Meeting Agenda for May 17

The Securities and Exchange Commission has posted the agenda and schedule for the Investor Advisory Committee meeting in Washington, DC for this coming Monday, May 17. Webcast should be linked from here or here. Hat tip to Committee member Mark Latham and his VoterMedia Finance Blog for the reminder.

Dan Ariely, an expert on behavioral economics and author of Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions, will discuss his work with regard to factors that influence investor decision-making. It should be worth tuning in just for this segment, even if you aren’t interested in the important work of the IAC.

The Committee will also hear from a panel of experts on the topic of mandatory arbitration provisions in customer agreements with brokers. Subcommittees will also report on the status of their activity, including analysis of potential disclosure regarding environmental, social and governance issues.

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