Worth Reading

The Deal Magazine’s Guide to Corporate Governance provides a great introduction to the subject, divided into bite-sized segments.

  • What Berle and Means have wrought – “a complete guide to the corporate governance complex of attorneys, dealmakers, academics, judges and politicians.”
  • Attorneys – Here the focus is on Ira Millstein and Marty Lipton at the opposite ends of the spectrum.
  • Academia – Harvard University’s Lucian Bebchuk often spars with Stanford University’s Joseph Grundfest.
  • Hedge Funds – Carl Icahn, T. Boone Pickens, Ralph Whitworth.
  • Pension Funds – CalPERS, CalSTRS, TIAA-Cref
  • The Law – Leo Strine, Mary Schapiro, Barney Frank, RiskMetrics

Know someone who wants to know the basics but won’t read more than a single page? Download a pdf, “Governance on the Head of a Pin” by Dan Boxer, UMeLaw School for use in his classes and with boards.

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