Ceres is Hiring

Are you ready to change corporate, investor and business practices on climate change and other sustainability challenges? Do you have the strategic savvy to engage entire industries — the insurance sector, for example — to tackle the business impacts from global warming? Ceres is seeking the best and the brightest candidates.

Ceres is a national coalition of investors, public pension trustees, foundations, labor unions, and environmental, religious and public interest groups with collective assets of over $9 trillion, dedicated to advancing more sustainable business practices and corporate accountability. Ceres’ mission is to move businesses, capital, and markets to advance lasting prosperity by valuing the health of the planet and its people. They are also changing fundamentals, like how corporations are governed.

Get off your ass; create a more salubrious environment. (these words are mine)

Positions currently available include the following:

  • Manager, Policy Program
  • Manager, Electric Power Program
  • Manager, Oil & Gas Program
  • Senior Associate, Water Risk Initiative, Corporate Programs
  • Coordinator, Development
  • Associate, Communications
  • Associate, Human Resources and Operations
  • Associate, Investor Programs
  • Associate, Database
  • Director, Corporate Program


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