How I Voted: Raser, Wipro and DaVita

Raser: Florida SBA voted with management. According to, CalSTRS and CBIS withheld votes from Goodman and Herickhoff. I voted with CalSTRS and CBIS.

Wipro: shows CalSTRS voting with management. I did the same.

DaVita: Using, I voted against any director that any of the announcing funds voted against. Therefore, I voted with Florida SBA against Brittain and voted against Grauer and Thiry with AFSCME. On other items, I voted against amending the omnibus stock plan with Calvert, Florida SBA, AFSCME and OTPP; against ratifying the auditor with CBIS and AFSCME; and with Calvert, CBIS, Florida SBA, AFSCME and MMA to provide shareowners a right to act by written consent by a majority of shares outstanding. Before voting, I used the link at to take a quick look at the proxy and found the rationale for the shareownr proposal on written consent compelling.

I voted using, except for Wipro, which I couldn’t find there… probably because it is an ADR. I checked the CalPERS site but they didn’t record votes on any of these companies. I see I have upcoming votes at Infosys, Morgan Stanley India Investment Company, and Huaneng Power. I betting for the last two, maybe all three, voting records at ProxyDemocracy or anywhere I can easily find them will be scarce.

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