Shareholder Forum on eAGMs

Gary Lutin’s Shareholder Forum is putting together an impressive panel of luminaries to help consider proposed standards for judging the fairness of communications associated with voting at shareholder meetings, assuring a shareholder’s right to:
(a)      present questions and views to a company’s managers and to other shareholders,
(b)      observe the presentation of other shareholders’ questions and views, and
(c)      observe the responses of managers to all shareholder questions.

These are important aspects of larger issues surrounding the idea of moving to virtual annual shareowner meetings. It looks like the group has already done a substantial amount of work through preliminary workshops. We look forward to seeing the results from this effort and would encourage participation by our readers.

The open meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, at the New York Society of Security Analysts (“NYSSA”). However, the building is secure and attendance will be limited to about 30 people. You won’t get in without identification and a reservation. More details at the The Shareholder Forum.

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