TCL & GMI Merge

Two of my favorite corpgov organizations announced a merger today. Governance Metrics International has merged with The Corporate Library, “uniting the two leading global corporate governance research and risk ratings firms.”

This merger creates the world’s leading independent firm dedicated to the development and sale of corporate governance risk ratings, governance advisory and analytical services and a suite of online global ESG information products and services for the investment market…  Following the merger, our clients will have an in-depth, global resource for addressing ESG risks, supported by the demonstrated expertise of both companies’ senior analytical teams.  The combined company covers more than 5,400 of the world’s largest companies with in-depth data, ratings, and other analytics.

It appears there will be no immediate change to systems or products but that they will be  exploring potential opportunities for integrated services and products driven by market demand. See press release and FAQs. I thought they were each fantastic, doing very important work. I can’t wait to see what synergies develop. Congratulations to all involved and I’m delighted to see that familiar staff will continue under CEO Richard Bennett.


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