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Ralph Ward’s Boardroom INSIDER, August 2010 edition, offers boards quick analysis and advice on what they should be doing now with regard to the Dodd-Frank Act.

While no one in business likes more regulation, Dodd-Frank should be no new Sarbanes-Oxley. On its governance provisions, at least, there’s a sense that the law isn’t trying to lead a crusade, but rather catch up with one already on the march.

One tip for selling your pay plan is to focus less on peer pay levels and more on the actual results an exec has delivered for your company. “A lot of boards go to shareholders using comparables,” notes Dian Greisel, founder of the Investor Relations Group. Instead, show “how we set performance, and that shareholders should want a CEO who is incentivized.”

Ralph Ward authored of the following books: The New Boardroom Leaders: How Today’s Corporate Boards Are Taking Charge, Saving the Corporate Board: Why Boards Fail and How to Fix Them, Improving Corporate Boards: The Boardroom Insider Guidebook and 21st Century Corporate Board. If your board isn’t getting his newsletter, you’re losing out. Each issue offers news you can use.

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