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Each year, LexisNexis honors a select group of Business Law Blogs. I’m not sure how well fits that category but we’ve been nominated and could use some publicity for our campaigns to end the practice of blank votes on proxies automatically going to management, ensure directors are increasingly dependent on shareowners (proxy access), move funds in the direction of practicing the governance they preach, fight virtual-only shareowner meetings that fail to follow best practices agreed upon by shareowners, protect the right of shareowners to submit resolutions without facing SLAPP suits, provide advice to the SEC on documenting share ownership to file resolutions, etc. Yes, we report on trends but we also try to make them.

LexisNexis is still taking nominations during a comment period that ends on October 8.  We’re not on the list of initial nominees, so our status is more tenuous than other very worthy blogs. We’ve been nominated by a comment from John Gillespie, who along with David Zweig authored Money for Nothing: How the Failure of Corporate Boards Is Ruining American Business and Costing Us Trillions. LexisNexis will select the top 25 based on their review and the comments from their Community members. After LexisNexis announces the Top 25 Business Law Blog honorees, they’ll ask their Community to vote for Top Business Law Blog of the Year and we’ll be asking for your support.

To “talk up” or nominate your favorite Business Law Blog, you’ll need to be a registered Community member and be logged in. Registration is free and does not result in sales contacts. Once you are logged in, scroll to the very bottom of this page and enter your comments. In my dreams, the final voting would be among the following, in no particular order:

Of course, no sooner did I leave my comment than I thought of half a dozen more great blogs. Oh well, check out our blogroll (right side of any page) and links. It will also be great to check out all the LexisNexis nominees… another opportunity to expand our horizons.

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