Let's Get Rid of Caveman Directors

Women serving on corporate boards are far more likely than their male counterparts to favor increased boardroom diversity, new regulations for executive compensation, proxy access for shareowners and enhanced risk management, according to a new survey of corporate directors  by Heidrick & Struggles, WomenCorporateDirector (WCD), and Dr. Boris Groysberg. (Survey: Men and Women Corporate Directors Disagree Sharply on Diversity and Governance, Business Ethics, 10/7/10)

It makes me wonder, Did they really survey male directors, or did they slip in a large number of cavemen just to make women look so much more intelligent? I’m not about to get a sex change, but once again my group is making me embarrassed. These guys probably also think Pluto is still a planet.

As if this news wasn’t bad enough for guy egos, another study examined stock performance of the 26 publicly traded companies headed by females on the Power Women 100 list and found that as a group they outperformed the overall market–companies dominated by male chief executives–by 28%, on average, and topped their respective industries by 15%. (Girls Rule, Forbes, 10/7/10)

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