Change in USPX Memberships

The United States Proxy Exchange (USPX) is a young, rapidly growing grassroots organization. We are experimenting, trying new things and learning. Just in August, we launched memberships for our supporters. This has been an enormous success, but based on early feedback, we are making a change.

We had planned on accepting corporations or other organizations as institutional members. However, we have changed our minds. We think it is important that we be able to cooperate with some of the organizations that represent institutions, but there were indications that, if we sought to make their members our members, they would view us as competitors. Henceforth, we shall accept only individuals as members.

In no way will this impact the work we do or the people who are involved in our organization. We will continue to reach out to institutions and ask them to participate in our campaigns.

Ours is a sophisticated membership, and we encourage individuals who work for institutions to join our organization as members. Can you afford $3.95 a month? If you are not already a member, please join today.

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