Kachingle: Pennies in Support

Want to help keep blogs like CorpGov.net afloat? You can effortlessly contribute a few cents on each visit to the sites you choose by join Kachingle and automatically paying $5 a month via PayPal. Then, whenever you see a Kachingle Medallion on a blog, just mouseover the Medallion until it expands and click “Start Kachingling.”

Each day you come back, the Medallion will recognize you and count your visit.   Your money is then distributed to the participating sites you visit. CorpGov.net depends on your pennies to pay our bills. Check out other participating blogs, such as:

The Center for Investigative Reporting, the nation’s oldest nonprofit investigative news organization, producing multimedia reporting that has impact and is relevant to people’s lives. CIR is now seeking to help lead the way in transforming journalism for the 21st century.


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