LexisNexis Top 25 Business Law Blogs of 2010

Quite frankly, I didn’t think of CorpGov.net as a “business law blog” until being nominated. It seems like a reasonable category, as long as I don’t have to go to law school! Of course, now I’d love readers to vote CorpGov.net to top honors. First, you must register. That’s free and doesn’t result in sales contacts. Once you are logged in, you can then vote.

However, far more important than voting, would be getting familiar with the 25 blogs. Several are new to me, so let’s size up the competition in alphabetical order. Differing opinion than my two minute assessment? Send me an e-mail or post a comment.

  • The Business Law Blog – start ups and small business don’t especially interest me as a topic but I like how he’s laid out his blog.
  • Business Law Post – legal aspects of operating new and growing businesses. Long post on how to choose state of incorporation for start-ups. More relevant to corpgov.
  • Business Law Prof Blog – several law professors on various issues. Now we’re getting into greater depth. I’ve been here before and will return again.
  • California Corporate & Securities Law – I haven’t found a better source for California law and his focus isn’t quite that limited. We’ve shared concerns on CalPERS rulemaking. Not many others focused there. Already on my blogroll.
  • Compliance Building – mostly real estate private equity firms. Not my cup of tea but I also see articles on SEC complaints and California placement agents. I’ll be back.
  • Conference Board Governance Blog – Gary Larkin writing for the Conference Board. I wish I had such backing. He gets nominated after one year; its taken me 15. Bittersweet. I’m a frequent visitor. On my blogroll.
  • The Conglomerate – another law professor blog. I’ve been here before and will be back but haven’t added to my blogroll. Not targeted enough for me… my time’s running out so I try to stay focused.
  • CorpGov.net – chronicling and instigating efforts to make corporate governance more democratic. Fifteen years to get nominated. Go ahead and vote now. If I get more ad revenue I can cover more conferences.
  • TheCorporateCounsel.net – Fantastic resource from Broc Romanek and Dave Lynn. Not only on my blogroll, I also have a widget on CorpGov.net with a streaming feed from them… plus daily e-mails, Twitter, great database and really stupid surveys. Better stop before I lose too many votes.
  • Corporate Law and Governance – UK, Aston Business School, corporate law and governance insights. On my blogroll. If I wasn’t so damned focused on the US, I’d visit more often. Great insights with a more international flavor.
  • The Corporate Library Blog – Again, jealous of their resources… but wouldn’t want to live in Portland, Maine. Getting paid to do good work; how great is that? Terrific site for trends corporate governance trends, risk analysis and sustainable investing. On my blogroll. Everybody already knows these heroes + if they changer their name to AAA111 Corporate Library Blog, they’ll be at the top of the alphabetical heap… so vote CorGov.net.
  • Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog – Francis Pileggi offers Delaware business litigation case summaries primarily from the Chancery and Supreme Court. A little too specialized for my daily reading but excellent source for Delaware law.
  • The D&O Diary – again, a little too specialized for my daily reading. Great on topic.
  • FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog – ditto. When I need info on FCPA compliance,  risk management, tax issues, trade secrets… good source.
  • FCPA Professor – ditto again. Too specialized for me. Looks good on topic.
  • Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance – I couldn’t compete against Harvard Law, so I became a guest contributor. If they get any more contributors or list any more awards, they won’t have any room for posts. Of course, they’re on my blogroll.
  • The Investment Fund Law Blog – Legal issues facing investment fund managers and investors. 15 contributors. This one is new to me. I subscribed to learn more. Looking for it to develop further.
  • M&A Law Prof Blog – Corporate Takeovers, Mergers and Acquisitions. Again, too specialized for me but I see some interesting commentary here.
  • Nancy Rapoport’s BlogSpot – Broader focus but too much like Facebook page from my brief look. I’ll check back someday.
  • New York Business Litigation and Employment Attorneys Blog – Probably too much on general practice for me but some interesting posts on Dodd-Frank. I’ll give it another look.
  • PLI Securities Law Practice Center – Lots of contributors. They’re on my blogroll. I should visit more often.
  • Race to the Bottom – I like the concept of a faculty/student collaborative, although most posts are by Jay Brown. Goes into more depth on issues of interest to me than any other Blog on the list (except Harvard Law, which has an extensive list of contributors). Great insights.
  • SEC Actions – SEC investigations, Civil and Criminal Enforcement Actions, Class Actions and Internal Investigations. Not my focus but great resource.
  • SEC Tea Party – Commentary on SEC Administrative Opinions. What’s in a name? Not my cup of tea because not my focus. New to me. I’ll check back.
  • Securities Law Prof Blog – I think this is a new one for me but looks familiar and somewhat interesting. I subscribed and look forward to getting to know the blog better.

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