Corporate Governance Guidance for Unlisted Firms

The Institute of Directors (IoD) launched the first ever Corporate Governance Guidance and Principles for Unlisted Companies in the UK. Key Features of the Guidance and Principles:

  • This briefing provides guidance for unlisted companies on the issues involved in designing an appropriate corporate governance framework. It also presents a set of governance principles that can be followed or not. This remains a voluntary decision of each unlisted company.
  • Fourteen principles of good governance are presented on the basis of a dynamic phased approach, which takes into account the degree of openness, size, complexity and level of maturity of individual enterprises. A dynamic approach towards governance is essential, since governance frameworks must evolve over the life cycle of a business.
  • The principles provide a governance roadmap for family owners or founder-entrepreneurs as they plan the development of their companies over the corporate life cycle. These principles may be relevant for subsidiary companies and joint ventures as well. Even state-owned companies or social enterprise organisations can be inspired by the best practices laid down here.

via Corporate Governance guidance for unlisted companies launched by IoD, sponsored by Deloitte – IoD Press Office, 11/22/2010, where you can download the principles.

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