Notes From Accuray’s 2010 Shareholder Meeting

After I attended Accuray’s (ARAY) annual shareholder meeting, I had a chance to tour its Sunnyvale campus, where I learned more about CyberKnife. CyberKnife is a radiosurgery tool that attacks and destroys cancerous tumor cells using highly precise radiation beams. CyberKnife is much less invasive than “scalpel” surgery. Its high accuracy (hence, the name Accuray) allows patients to minimize exposing their healthy organs and body parts to radiation. I rarely feel optimistic after shareholder meetings during this Great Recession, but Accuray gives me hope not only for its own future, but the future of medicine.

(via Notes From Accuray’s 2010 Shareholder Meeting — Seeking Alpha, 11/24/2010)

Matthew Rafat continues to be one of a very few people who routinely posts observations from annual shareowner meetings. I wish more would do the same. His insights from the Accuray meeting last year helped lead me to make a small investment in the company.

It was troubling to learn that for a second year in a row, Accuray attempted to avoid a public Q&A session. What are they trying to hide?

This year I had trouble voting my stock (see How I Voted at Hain, Cisco & Accuray). Later I was able to determine that in order to vote I needed not only a “control number,” which came with the e-mail from my broker but also a “pin” number. After some confusion, I was able to vote with management and CalSTRS.

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