Voting by Phone in Corporate Elections

Maybe the app will be renamed iVote.

Companies who want to encourage shareholders to vote on corporate resolutions publicized in proxy statements can do so next year, by allowing them to cast votes on their iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, Android or other smart handheld devices.

Broadridge Financial Solutions said that it will make its software available early next year on mobile data devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The software is already available for use on personal computers. The move to mobile devices is “to improve and encourage more shareholder voting and enhanced shareholder communications,” said Joseph Vicari, Vice President, Business Strategy and Development, Broadridge.  via Voting by Phone, in Corporate Elections.  Thanks to Gary Lutin for heads up on this article.

Attention: Anyone out there building the iVote app, please build in automatic interfaces with and Great to enable voting by phone but even better to enable intelligent voting. Shareowners need information on the people and the issues before they vote.

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