Directors Forum 2011: Directors, Management & Shareholders in Dialogue

Don’t miss this great conference in San Diego. 1/23-25. The conference starts with a keynote from SEC Commissioner Kathleen Casey. Sessions include the following:

  • “New Regulatory Developments – Good for Business or Not?”
  • “Managing Risk: Real Assessment? Or Deniable Plausibility?”
  • “Board/Shareholder Communications: Curing ‘The Cool Hand Luke Syndrome’”
  • “The Roles of Management and the Board in Developing a Company’s Strategies”
  • “The Evolving Role of the Director: Now a Full Time Job?”
  • “Shareholder Hot Topics”
  • “Current Issues in Executive Compensation: The Hype and Reality”

This forum brings top experts to one of the best venues in the country. One of the nicest features is the high ratio of speakers to attendees. Getting to ask your question or having a more lengthy conversation usually isn’t a problem. Make sure you also attend the “bonus” session covering regulatory and legal issues. See this year’s entire agenda, my coverage of Directors Forum 2010 and register now.

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