Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Releases Report

Download the report in full or by section. Analysis of the report is just starting to come out. I probably won’t have a chance to read it for quite some time but others are beginning to analyze:

A deeply divided U.S. investigative panel issued a scathing critique of the culture of deregulation championed by Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, saying the government had ample power to avert the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and chose not to use it. (Divided crisis panel blames Greenspan, Wall Street, Reuters, 1/27/11)

In more than 500 pages, the first official government report into the financial crisis casts blame widely – accusing the Federal Reserve of having “neglected its mission” by not piercing the housing bubble, while finding that Goldman Sachs had understated its benefit from the government bail-out of AIG. (US crisis inquiry finds turmoil was ‘avoidable’, FT, 1/27/11)


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