Top Tweeters and Rising Corporate Governance Stars

Estelle Métayer of Competia has come up with the ranking below of “who is the most influential corporate governance tweeter in 2011” based on her Twitter list, those of her colleagues and their Klout scores.

#1 Rosabeth Kanter, rosabethkanter, Klout score 58

#2 Lucy Marcus, lucymarcus, Klout score 57

#3 Matt Kelly, complianceweek, Klout score 53

#4 Norman Marks, normanmarks, Klout score 49

#5 Estelle Metayer, competia, Klout score 48

#6 Fay Feeney, fayfeeney, Klout score 48

#7 Debra Beck, Npmaven, Klout score 45

#8 Frank Aquila, faquila, Klout score 44

#9 Nell Minow, nminow, Klout score 44

#10 Alex Todd, Trustenabler, Klout score 44

To see the whole list of 25, go to Competia. If you’re not following them now, you might want to expand your horizons. Corporate governance is such a broad field. If Ms. Métayer repeats the exercise, I would suggest she look at several days of posts to Twitter that include #corpgov.

Know a rising star on the list or not? The Millstein Center is now accepting nominations for its fourth annual global “Rising Stars of Corporate Governance.” This award recognizes people who, while young and possibly new to the field of corporate governance, are making their mark as outstanding analysts, experts, activists or managers. They may be at any of the many bodies that comprise the global world of corporate governance: corporations, academic bodies, institutional investors, auditors, advisory firms, rating agencies, proxy services, professional associations, and others. Click here to nominate a Rising Star by March 31, 2011.

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