AFL-CIO Key Votes

The AFL-CIO released its 2010 Key Votes Survey report on investment manager proxy voting. They also released an updated list of AFL-CIO Key-Votes-as-of-Feb-4-2011 for the current proxy season.

Upcoming votes include those at Apple on CEO succession planning (item 5) on February 23, Navistar on golden parachutes (item 6) on February 15, and Whole Foods Market to permit removal of directors (item 5) on February 28. Disclosure: James McRitchie, the publisher of has investments in Apple and Whole Foods.

The worst performing investment managers as ranked by the Key Votes Survey last year were Metropolitan West Capital Management, NWQ Investment Management, Putnam Investments, State Street Global Advisors, TCW, and the Vanguard Group. The best were Amalgamated Bank, AmeriServ Trust Financial Services, ASB Capital Management, Boston Trust & Investment Management Co.. Capital Management Associates, Chartwell Investment Partners, Colony Capital Management, Comerica Bank, DePrince, Race & Zollo, Garcia Hamilton & Associates, Griffon Capital, Groupe Investment Responsible, ICC Capital Management, Marco Consulting Group, McMorgan & Company, Missouri Valley Partners, Northern Trust Investments, Ocean State Asset Management, Payden & Rygel, ProxyVote Plus, Quest Investment Management, RBC Global Asset Management, Sierra Investment Partners, Stacey Braun Associates, Trillium Asset Management, Turner Investments, ULLICO Investment Advisors, Union Labor Life Insurance Company, and Washington Capital Management.

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