California Corporate Governance Network

Another resource added to the Internet:

The California Corporate Governance Network was developed to create a coalition of California pension plans to advocate for corporate governance best practices. Within California there are several pension plans that range in size from the largest two state plans to the local county funds. Collectively these plans provide for the investment and retirement needs of thousands of public employees and educators in California. With the common goal of providing sustainable benefits for our plan participants, along with our responsibilities as fiduciaries to our members, we developed this network to function as a cohesive unit to achieve the following goals:

  • Strengthen communication across public pension funds in California
  • Share corporate governance policies and practices
  • Encourage the adoption of best practices and proxy voting procedures
  • Support government reforms and litigation towards improving the governance of companies in which we invest
  • Educate and enhance awareness of the general public about corporate governance and its importance

Quick resource for finding policies of CalPERS, CalSTRS and Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) governance policies. Also has a good calendar on corporate governance events. I’m eager to see how this new site develops and have added a permanent link on our Links page under Institutional Investors.

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