Protect Your Pension

The Los Angeles Trustee Network invites a frank discussion of issues:

  • On February 28, Corporate Governance. What initiatives will help preserve our pension funds’ long-term value?  Have the risks to pension funds been clearly identified? Have the risks been mitigated?  If not, what are our priorities for this year and going forward?
  • On March 1, Tactics for Improving Pension Plans Sustainability. Attacks on the very structures that provide retirement security for Americans.  What are the challenges facing pension funds on the national, state and local levels? What does recent research reveal is the public perception on retirement security?  What steps can we take to facilitate more reasoned, responsible, constructive discourse on these critical issues in our workplaces, communities and the media?

Public sector retirement plans, including CalPERS, are under attack across the nation.  Intensified by the election of a new Congress, heated debate will rage this year over the appropriate levels of financial regulation, executive compensation, and shareowner access to corporate board governance.

Meanwhile, the economy is predicted to continue to struggle with troubling levels of unemployment, home loan defaults, and debt – both governmental and personal. See the full agenda here.

Although the program is specifically designed for retirement trustees, union staff, pension staff, and service providers, the program is free (register here) and I’m sure retirees who actually benefit from pension funds will be more than welcome. The meeting will be held at the Sheraton Gateway at LAX in Los Angeles. I hope to see you there.

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