Review: Presenting to Boards

Presenting to boards is just like presenting to any other group, right? Wrong. Most boards suffer from attention deficit disorder. Many of the members of most boards that I have encountered won’t sit through a presentation of more than a few minutes without disruption. You’ll need to focus like a laser on your main points; you must expect to get interrupted and be able to go in whatever direction feedback warrants. Your ability to do so is important both to the board (you wouldn’t be on the agenda if it wasn’t important) and to your career (don’t miss your opportunity to raise your level of importance to the firm).

For those who have never made board presentations, the author provides a very basic primer that will help you to get to know your audience. For those with more experience, McLellan provides organizing principles, both generally around several standard presentation types, as well as quick tips and “tales from the trenches.” Although the book lacks depth, most readers will pick up several pointers in a few minutes. Like your own ideal presentation to the board, the author doesn’t waste your time but covers the essential highlights.

The book is Presenting to Boards: Practical Skills for Corporate Presentations (Volume 1) by Julie Garland McLellan.

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