UK Revolt Against Wealthy Tax Cheats

Imagine a parallel universe where the Great Crash of 2008 was followed by a Tea Party of a very different kind. Enraged citizens gather in every city, week after week—to demand the government finally regulate the behavior of corporations and the superrich, and force them to start paying taxes. The protesters shut down the shops and offices of the companies that have most aggressively ripped off the country. The swelling movement is made up of everyone from teenagers to pensioners. They surround branches of the banks that caused this crash and force them to close, with banners saying, You Caused This Crisis. Now YOU Pay.

According to this report, it is happening in the UK. The UK Uncut message was simple: if you want to sell in our country, you pay our taxes. Just about the only attack against the movement has been Rupert Murdoch. According to Johann Hari, of The Nation, his company, “News International, is one of the world’s most egregious tax dodgers, contributing almost nothing to the US or UK treasuries.” Will Americans establish a progressive Tea Party?  Vision: Everyday Brits Are in Revolt Against Wealthy Tax Cheats — Can We Do That Here? | AlterNet, 2/5/2011.


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