Women Directors: "Colorful… and Prettier Too"

Germany is in a state of uproar after Deutsch Bank’s CEO said that bringing women into upper management would make life “most colorful … and prettier too.” (At the moment, no women adorn Deutsche Bank’s management board or group executive committee.) The comments came as the country debates whether to instate a mandatory minimum quota for the proportion of women manning corporate boardrooms. (The most important news and commentary to read right now. – The Slatest – Slate Magazine, 2/9/2011.)

This is quite a different spin than I heard at ICGN last year. (ICGN Day 1: CorpGov.net Coverage, 1/16/2010)
In Norway, which instituted a 40% requirement, once companies had to bring on women directors they became very concerned about qualifications for directors. Once qualifications were written down, they were also applied to men. Result: golf club members down; professionals up.

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