IR Makes Use of Social Web: AGMs?

While many companies are using social media to push out investor relations information, global conferencing firm PGi (NYSE: PGI) is among a rare few that is also using social media in two-way conversations with investors.

During the company’s recent Q4 earnings call, PGi Senior Vice President of Strategy & Communications Sean O’Brien, who was an equity analyst and portfolio manager before crossing over to the corporate world, used StockTwits to highlight key figures from the company’s results and was on-hand to answer questions from investors…

In an interview with IR Web Report, O’Brien says Atlanta-based PGi, well-known to IR professionals as the service provider behind 1 in 4 earnings calls, views social media as just another way to communicate with external stakeholders, one that soon won’t seem unusual.

via PGi makes investor relations social | Dominic Jones, IR Web Report, 3/21/2011.

It would interesting to see similar tools used by directors at annual meetings. (see The Annual Meeting: From Gloss to Dialogue) Disclosure: The publisher of has a very small long position in PGi.

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