LinkedIn: Connecting to Profits

Social network LinkedIn has reached more than 100 million users and released some surprising facts, including which companies are most connected to the site…

Dominic Jones says Campbell Soup is a standout. Here is an old-economy company among other most connected companies, which include Cisco, Amazon, eBay, Apple, Cisco and EMC.

Venture Beat reportedon a study by a doctoral student at Pace University that concludes that companies with more followers on social networks tend to perform better on the stock market. Another study has also found that social media improves stock liquidity, especially for small companies.  Of course, these conclusions seem rather obvious because the more attention a company gets, the more potential buyers it has for its stock, and share prices are simply a function of supply and demand.

IR Web Report Group Group News | LinkedIn. Dominic Jones sure seems to be using social media tools. See also, Wanted: Tech-Savvy Directors.

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