Starbucks: How I Voted

I waited until almost the last minute hoping to get proxy advice from my usual sources, and However, little has been forthcoming… nothing from Proxy Democracy as I write this.

Based on Moxy Vote information and recommendations from As You Sow, I went ahead and voted against two directors: Howard Schultz and Javier G. Teruel. I voted along with the As You Sow recommendation at Moxy Vote in favor of the shareowner proposal to Adopt Comprehensive Recycling Strategy for Beverage Containers. Starbuck’s is doing more than many companies in this area but I want to stress the importance of going even further, both for the environment and to project the right image for companies in which I want to continue to be a long-term shareowner.

I was able to find how Florida SBA voted, so went with them and voted against amending the omnibus stock plan. I understand their advance votes will soon be recorded at MoxyVote, which may finally make that platform a one-stop-shop, since it will give them the depth and breadth of the 4th largest public pension fund.

All of my other votes were with management.

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