Berkshire Hathaway: How I Voted

Berkshire Hathaway is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up April 30 Again, I’m a little disappointed not to see more voting advice available at this late date. Where are Florida SBA, CalSTRS, CalPERS, and all those SRI funds? Only AFSCME is reporting so far on but they provide comprehensive advice on each item. has seven advisors offering opinions but none cover all the items on the proxy. That’s frustrating.

AFSCME has done more to advance the cause of proxy access, the Magnata Carta for shareowners, than any other group in the last decade. I voted with them, using the platform found at

Today is the last day to vote using If you’ve got shares in Berkshire Hathaway it is time to think like an owner, skim the proxy, and vote.

1.1Elect Director Warren E. BuffettForWithhold
1.2Elect Director Charles T. MungerForWithhold
1.3Elect Director Howard G. BuffettForWithhold
1.4Elect Director Stephen B. BurkeForFor
1.5Elect Director Susan L. DeckerForFor
1.6Elect Director William H. Gates IIIForFor
1.7Elect Director David S. GottesmanForFor
1.8Elect Director Charlotte GuymanForWithhold
1.9Elect Director Donald R. KeoughForWithhold
1.10Elect Director Thomas S. MurphyForWithhold
1.11Elect Director Ronald L. OlsonForWithhold
1.12Elect Director Walter Scott, Jr.ForWithhold
2Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers’ CompensationForFor
3Advisory Vote on Say on Pay FrequencyThree YearsOne Year
4Adopt Quantitative GHG Goals for Products and OperationsAgainstFor


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