Five Game Changers

CTPartners (AMEX: CTP), a leading global retained executive search firm, reported five major forces impacting corporate Boards, which include:

  1. The power shift from the Board to the shareholder. If Boards don’t take the lead on big issues like CEO compensation, Board structure, director competence and succession planning, shareholders will.
  2. Social media activism. Boards need to engage with new technologies or become their victims.
  3. The 40-something board. The average age of directors, 62 years, will shift downward because Boards need fresh ideas and faster-paced, tech-savvy directors to energize the boardroom.
  4. The impact of culture – Corporate and Board. Boards have to identify cultural barriers – entrenched behavioral patterns and deeply-held beliefs that are bogging companies down and inhibiting change – because corporate culture can sink or save a company.
  5. The power of talent and the rise of the CHRO on Boards. HR execs are upping their game, with many companies hiring Chief Human Resources Officers with high-profile business experience and skills.

From the Activist Shareholder to the 40-Something Board, Second Annual Board of Directors Human Capital Institute Names Five Big Changes Impacting Directors | Press Releases-

Next they’ll recognize that “human capital,” is based in the skills and knowledge not only of corporate managers but of boards, employees and shareowners alike.

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