How I Voted at Citigroup

Citigroup is on of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up April 21. I voted as follows based on a combination of AFSCME, CBIS and Trillium votes found at  I voted using the platform at

1Elect Director Alain J.P. BeldaForAgainst
2Elect Director Timothy C. CollinsForFor
3Elect Director Jerry A. GrundhoferForFor
4Elect Director Robert L. JossForFor
5Elect Director Michael E. O’NeillForFor
6Elect Director Vikram S. PanditForFor
7Elect Director Richard D. ParsonsForAgainst
8Elect Director Lawrence R. RicciardiForFor
9Elect Director Judith RodinForFor
10Elect Director Robert L. RyanForFor
11Elect Director Anthony M. SantomeroForFor
12Elect Director Diana L. TaylorForFor
13Elect Director William S. Thompson, Jr.ForFor
14Elect Director Ernesto ZedilloForFor
15Ratify AuditorsForAgainst
16Amend Omnibus Stock PlanForAgainst
17Approve Executive Incentive Bonus PlanForAgainst
18Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers’ CompensationForAgainst
19Advisory Vote on Say on Pay FrequencyOne YearOne Year
20Approve Reverse Stock SplitForFor
21Affirm Political Non-PartisanshipAgainstFor
22Report on Political ContributionsAgainstFor
23Report on Restoring Trust and Confidence in the Financial SystemAgainstAgainst
24Amend Articles/Bylaws/Charter — Call Special MeetingsAgainstFor
25Require Audit Committee Review and Report on Controls Related to Loans, Foreclosure and SecuritizationsAgainstFor

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