Kellogg: How I voted

Kellogg is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up April 29. I’m a little disappointed not to see more voting advice available at this late date (only 1 fund reporting on

The “Reduce Supermajority Vote Requirements” proposal is mine, so of course I was sure to vote for that one.

AFSCME has done more to advance the cause of proxy access than any other group in the last decade. Since they appear to put a reasonable amount of effort into researching proxy issues and acting like owners. I voted with them, using the platform found at

Today is the last day to vote using They’ve set their dates a little tighter to ensure customers still have time to vote if there are issues voting through their platform. I hope they can give us just another day or two as all the bugs are worked out. That will increase the likelihood of also hearing from some others, such as Florida SBA, CalSTRS, CalPERS, etc.

1.1Elect Director John BryantForWithhold
1.2Elect Director Rogelio RebolledoForFor
1.3Elect Director Sterling SpeirnForFor
1.4Elect Director John ZabriskieForWithhold
2Approve Executive Incentive Bonus PlanForAgainst
3Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers’ CompensationForAgainst
4Advisory Vote on Say on Pay FrequencyOne YearOne Year
5Ratify AuditorsForAgainst
6Reduce Supermajority Vote RequirementAgainstFor
7Require a Majority Vote for the Election of DirectorsAgainstFor


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