Video Friday: Family CorpGov and PSAG

Marcelino Pandin has a rare job – he “fixes” troubled companies for a family-owned conglomerate in Indonesia. In this article, accompanied by a short video, he talks about the unique role that setting a proper governance structure plays in increasing performance of his businesses, and improving relationships between family members. Company Fixer: It Is about Making More Money, and Minimizing Risks for Family and Business, Global Corporate Governance Forum.

The Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) brings together international leaders of the private sector whose shared goal is to help developing countries improve their corporate governance. PSAG members provide counsel on new strategies and share their practical experiences with the Forum’s global networks. Their efforts include involvement in the Forum’s international consultations, publications, practical guides and toolkits, and capacity-building programs. Succeeding Ira M. Millstein (Chairman Emeritus of the PSAG), Peter Dey was appointed as Chair of the PSAG in October 2005. Click to find video on Peter Dey briefly addressing new PSAG members, and discussing PSAG’s role in Forum activities.

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