Video Friday: Risk and the Board

Interview with: Andrea Zulberti, Member of the Board of Directors, Prologis and SYNNEX Corporation. Hosted by: Don Keller, Partner Corporate Governance Practice, PwC.

What elements of corporate risk are not receiving adequate Board oversight: (1) strategic, (2) financial, (3) compliance, (4) operational, (5) technology and/or (6) unknown? Is it Management’s or the Board’s responsibility to provide assurances that enterprise risk are all appropriately addressed and within the company’s agreed-upon risk appetite and tolerances? Is it Management’s or the Board’s responsibility to make a (continuing) assessment of whether the corporation has the right controls and processes in place? Should the Audit Committee undertake the Board’s role or a separate Risk Management Committee? Should the Board oversight of “financial” risk be separated from “business” risk?

See this and other brief podcasts on the Silicon Valley NACD website.

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