Ford: How I Voted

Ford (FDMTP) is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up May 12. Today is the last day to vote my proxy on the platform. had one fund voting when I looked yesterday (CBIS). had seven recommendations, but none for the whole ballot.  While I’m happy with Ford’s performance, I see that CEO/Chairman Alan Mulally was paid $26.5 million this year, $18 million last year, $17 million the year before. Soon it starts to add up to real money. As I’ve discussed before (Just How Clever Are Directors on Pay Issue?), high executive pay is problematic to both the corporation and society for many reasons. I’ve decided, at least for now, the best way to counter the “Lake Wobegone effect” of pay ratcheting ever higher is to vote down almost all packages above the mean. That’s what I’ve done at Ford. These sums are just too high.

I also voted for all the shareowner proposals, which look entirely appropriate to me. I believe in more disclosure of political contributions (Evelyn Y. Davis), one share one vote (Ray T. Chevedden) and the right of 10% to call a special meeting (John Chevedden).

1Elect Director Stephen G. ButlerForFor
2Elect Director Kimberly A. CasianoForFor
3Elect Director Anthony F. Earley, Jr.ForFor
4Elect Director Edsel B. Ford IIForFor
5Elect Director William Clay Ford, Jr.ForFor
6Elect Director Richard A. GephardtForFor
7Elect Director James H. Hance, Jr.ForFor
8Elect Director Irvine O. Hockaday, Jr.ForFor
9Elect Director Richard A. ManoogianForFor
10Elect Director Ellen R. MarramForFor
11Elect Director Alan MulallyForFor
12Elect Director Homer A. NealForFor
13Elect Director Gerald L. ShaheenForFor
14Elect Director John L. ThorntonForFor
15Ratify AuditorsForFor
16Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers’ CompensationForAgainst
17Advisory Vote on Say on Pay FrequencyOne YearOne Year
18Political Contributions and LobbyingAgainstFor
19Approve Recapitalization Plan for all Stock to have One-vote per ShareAgainstFor
20Amend Articles/Bylaws/Charter — Call Special MeetingsAgainstFor


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