Gilead Sciences: How I voted

Gilead Sciences (GILD) is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up May 12. Today is the last day to vote my proxy on the platform. had two funds voting when I looked yesterday. MoxyVote.comhad no recommendations.  I voted with Domini, except I did not vote against CEO/Chairman Martin, although I’m outraged at his pay. $14 million this year, $14.5 million last year, $12.5 million the year before. Soon it starts to add up to real money. As I’ve discussed before (Just How Clever Are Directors on Pay Issue?), high executive pay is problematic to both the corporation and society for many reasons. I’ve decided, at least for now, the best way to counter the “Lake Wobegone effect” of pay ratcheting ever higher is to vote down almost all packages above the mean. That’s what I’ve done at Gilead Sciences.

1.1Elect Director John F. CoganForForFor
1.2Elect Director Etienne F. DavignonForForFor
1.3Elect Director James M. DennyForForFor
1.4Elect Director Carla A. HillsForForFor
1.5Elect Director Kevin E. LoftonForForFor
1.6Elect Director John W. MadiganForForFor
1.7Elect Director John C. MartinForForWithhold
1.8Elect Director Gordon E. MooreForForFor
1.9Elect Director Nicholas G. MooreForForFor
1.10Elect Director Richard J. WhitleyForForFor
1.11Elect Director Gayle E. WilsonForForFor
1.12Elect Director Per Wold-OlsenForForFor
2Ratify AuditorsForAgainstFor
3Amend Executive Incentive Bonus PlanForForAgainst
4Reduce Supermajority Vote RequirementForForFor
5Provide Right to Call Special MeetingForForFor
6Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers’ CompensationForAgainstAgainst
7Advisory Vote on Say on Pay FrequencyOne YearOne YearOne Year

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