Talbots: How I Would Have Voted

Talbots (TLB), was one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up May 19. I didn’t realize I had sold it until I went through how I would have voted, so I’ll post it up.

ProxyDemocracy.org had only one fund voting, CBIS.  MoxyVote.com had no voting advice. Checking the Summary Compensation Table shows the CEO/Chair, Trudy F. Sullivan, was paid about $6.3M, way over the median of $4.3 million for mid-caps as reported in the United States Proxy Exchange (USPX) released draft guidelines for say-on-pay voting. I would have voted with CBIS.

1.1Elect Director Marjorie L. BowenForWithhold
1.2Elect Director John W. GleesonForWithhold
1.3Elect Director Andrew H. MadsenForWithhold
1.4Elect Director Gary M. PfeifferForWithhold
1.5Elect Director Trudy F. SullivanForWithhold
1.6Elect Director Susan M. SwainForWithhold
2Ratify AuditorsForAgainst
3Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers’ CompensationForAgainst
4Advisory Vote on Say on Pay FrequencyOne YearOne Year



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