Regulatory Weakening of Disclosure Opposed

I was delighted to see a post from the new contributor to, Suzanne Rothwell, that actually took a strong stand against a House measure, which would boost the number of shareholders that trigger registration to 1000 shareholders (up from 500) and would “exclude employees and accredited investors from the calculation. This is a surprising initiative that would dismantle another post-1929 Market Crash reform that has worked well for many years to protect investors.”

Much more at The Need for Continuing Disclosure by Private Companies – The Mentor Blog, 6/15/2011.

According to a recent post by Broc Romanek, Ms. Rothwell recently retired from Skadden Arps after a decade of service in DC. “Previously, she served for 20 years in increasingly responsible positions with FINRA, including Associate Director and Chief Counsel of the Corporate Financing Department. At Nasdaq, she served as Special Counsel on the PORTAL Market and the development of trade reporting for debt securities.”

Great to see some real strong advocacy on The Mentor Blog. I look forward to more.


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