Non-Financial Reporting

The Global Education Research Network symposium hosted by the Center for Corporate Citizenship opened with a panel titled “Looking at the Big Picture of Non-Financial Reporting.” Moderator Brad Googins, associate professor at the Carroll School, was joined by Steve Lydenberg, partner, Strategic Vision, Domini Social Investing, and Michael Sadowski, vice president, SustainAbility Inc. Googins asked the pair of experts to roll out a crystal ball and give their take on where CSR reporting is headed.

Lydenberg wasted no time sketching his view of the future. “In my view,” he said, “CSR is headed toward mandatory reporting.” But he added that big questions remain about the relationship between mandatory and voluntary reporting.

Sadowski shared a few topics that are on SustainAbility’s mind of late:

  1. Driving greater value from reporting for companies and users
  2. Broadening the notion of integrated reporting to include targeted communications to specific stakeholder groups (e.g. consumers, employees
  3. Engaging mainstream investors and analysts on sustainability issues
  4. New models of assurance that focus on how “future-proof” companies are rather than validating past information and efforts.

More at Taking a look at what lies on the horizon for non-financial reporting, Tim Wilson, Center for Corporate Citizenship, Boston College.

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